33 years of keeping minds active, staying healthy through activities and enjoying fellowship of friends



 January 2009
 Jim Jacobs
 Club Member Jim Jacobs spoke on the history of Technical Aid for the disabled (TAD) organisation and
demonstrated some of the practical work TAD does with the use of DVDs
 February 2009
 Dr E Wong
Gave us a very informative talk on Sleep Apnoea and snoring. A night at a Sleep Centre with the patient
wired up to measuring equipment enables the best treatment option to be determined. Continuous Positive
Air Pressure (CPAP) pressure was the best option, but Dental Appliances and Surgery were alternatives 
 March 2009
 No Speaker
Annual General Meeting 
 April 2009
 Jodie Till
Jodie Till, JNT Legal spoke on the proposed changes to the laws governing retirement villages and their
benefits to the residents. She advised the members on a disturbing stream of elderly people being ripped
off by relatives in what is becoming know as "inheritance impatience" 
 May 2009
 Bede Churchward
 Club Member, Bede Churchward gave us his address on the history of our Probus Club as well as graphic
videos on the Victorian Bushfires and the 2008 Chineses New Year together with a very interesting
presentation of the Helensburgh Hindu Temple
 June 2009
 Engadine High School
 Joanne Jarvis welcomed us to her school and gave us an insight into the technical goings on in the life
of a Student. The Students then presented us with a delghtful morning tea followed by an expose' of their
musical skills. A wonderful morning was had by all
 July 2009
 Michelle Jobbins
Michelle Jobins provided a thorough description of the itinerary of the 7 day Murray River Discovery &
Kangaroo Island Package which she has arranged for our Probus Club. She showed a film of the Murray
River cruise and answered numerous questions 
 August 2009
 Barbara Holborow OA
Barbara Holborow OA - former Children's Court Magistrate gave a very entertaining address relating some
of her experiences with the establishment, DOCS in particular and expressed the need for us all to be
concernend about the younger generation 
 September 2009
 Martyn Kellor
A very well organised address titled "Why my home might burn" was very close to all of us. He emphasis
the dangers of embers, radiant heat and flame contact 
 October 2009
 Det Senior Constable, Karen Smith
Gave an enlighting address into the functions of the Foresic Command at Hurstville 
 November 2009
 The Sylvantones
The Sylvantones are a group from the Sylvanvale Foundation and they provided us with a very enjoyable
mornings entertainment 
 December 2009
 Major Darryl Kelly
Our meeting was inspired by Major Kelly's address on the ways we can access the military service records
of our relatives and friends available to us from the Australian Archives, via the internet or in person