33 years of keeping minds active, staying healthy through activities and enjoying fellowship of friends



January 2016 The speaker was Anthea Bolton from Engadine Community services, I believe Anthea’s presentation was very informative.
February:   Ukelele John - I am hoping will be an uplifting experience.
February 2016 Our speaker today was John Chandler known as Ukulele John.
John proved to be a very entertaining speaker, showing his large collection of ukuleles and information about their origin. Over the first thirty minutes, John taught a group of eight volunteer members to play the ukulele. This I believe lead some members to purchasing the instrument and enquiringly about Ukulele lessons.
March:   There will be no guest speaker for our March meeting (committee elections take place).

March 2016  Last month's speaker John Chandler known as Ukelele John was very well received by our members. Several have contacted me for his phone number as they wish to commence Ukelele lessons.
As today is the Annual General Meeting there is no guest speaker.
The speaker for April will be our solicitor Jodie Till.
April 2016

Today our guest speaker was Major Darryl Kelly, who spoke about his thirty nine years of service in The  Australian Army, both here and overseas.

Our  speaker, was to have been Jodie Till our solicitor. Jodie cancelled due to a huge work load and will hopefully speak to us later in the year.

We were very fortunate to replace Jodie with Major Darryl Kelly ( Judy and Harry Membrey's son in law) who proved to be both an extremely informative and entertaining speaker.
I would like to thank Darryl for "stepping in" at the last minute and hope he will return as a guest speaker next year.

May:       Lorraine Cox   -  decluttering and downsizing
June :     Not confirmed.

July :


Tuesday 26th July (4th Tuesday) Probus meeting will be held at the

Engadine High School


May 2016  I feel we have many members either with interesting past occupations or born overseas, with memorable lives, before they came to live in Australia. If anyone would like to speak at a future meeting (probably 2017) please come forward and share your interesting past with us.
Today our speaker Lorraine Cox was both interesting and humorous.
JUNE:   Gary Gould an ex Qantas Pilot
June 2016  Today, we had retired Qantas Captain Gary Gould as our guest speaker. He was both entertaining and informative. It was a pleasure to listen to his many stories and experiences.
JULY:  Tuesday 26th July (4th Tuesday) Probus meeting will be held at the Engadine High School
The school community will welcome us, providing both morning tea and entertainment by the school’s pupils. 

AUGUST:  Detective Superintendent Deborah Wallace, APM Commander, Gangs Squad
July 2016

 Today we were entertained by the staff and students of ENGADINE High School. In the words of our president Gordon Scott WOW!!
We were totally spoilt with beautiful finger food & entertained with very talented students from year 7 through to Year 12.

AUGUST:  Detective Superintendent Deborah Wallace, APM Commander, Gangs Squad

1.      October and November:    I am still organising speakers.

2.      February 2017:   Gaby Menschel has agreed to be one half of two speakers who will speak at the meeting.

3.      April 2017:  Darryl Kelly (Judy & Harry’s son-in-law) is coming to speak.

August 2016  Today our speaker was Deb Wallace a very valued member of the NSW Police Force. Deb’s excellent oral presentation was very informative, both moving and extremely funny. I have received numerous positive comments about her, so many, that tonight in my thank you email, I inquired if she ever made repeat visits. 
SEPTEMBER:  Keiren Brandt-Sawdy - Graduate from the Sydney Conservatorium 2015 Masters of Conducting.        
I have received an email from John Chandler (The Ukulele Man) advising he is commencing Ukulele Lessons at Engadine Bowling Club on Friday 7th October 10:30am to noon (90 minutes) These lessons are planned to run through October November and December initially (6 sessions) John’s Mobile No. 0425 332 601
September 2016  Today our speaker was Keiren Brandt-Sawdy - Graduate from the Sydney Conservatorium 2015 Masters of Conducting. He gave a very interesting and informative and at times humorous presentation of the duties and techniques of a musical conductor.
OCTOBER:  Garth Bransgrove from Boulevarde Driving School
October 2016  Our speaker today Garth Bransgrove from Boulevarde Driving School delivered a very interesting presentation. His informative delivery was both competent and practical, offering us lost of tips and clues, especially about driving in Sutherland Shire.
NOVEMBER:  Edna & Jerard (Probus Member) who will speak about their adventure in participating in the Comino Walk through Spain.
DECEMBER:  I am having a problem with the guest speaker for our December meeting. As this meeting is on 20th December, I am having difficulty in finding someone willing to speak so close to Christmas
November 2016  Our guest speakers this morning were our member Jerard Barry and his wife Enda. They spoke about their experience accomplishing - Walk the Comino De Santiago in Spain earlier this year.
Consider A Camino Experience In The Blue Mountains
Jerard and his wife Enda Barry have opened a Popup Albergue (pilgrim accommodation) in Wentworth Falls to provide a Camino Experience for those unable to walk the Camino in Spain. This is their way of giving back to the Camino for the benefits it gave them.
They can devise a suitable program over 1 to 3 nights for pilgrims of any walking ability, (provided they are capable of walking 500m comfortably). They have modelled their Albergue on those of rural Spain, providing accommodation, an evening pilgrim meal and breakfast. They attempt to provide an atmosphere of friendship and genuine welcome expected on the Camino itself. For the truly adventurous pilgrims there is no limit to the walking opportunities available provided over 3 days.
For further information visit:  www.popupcamino.weebly.com
You may follow their Camino in 2016 at:  www.caminowalkformaliana.weebly.com
DECEMBER:  As I am unable to locate a speaker for our meeting on 20th December an alternative arrangement has been made.
2017:  I havebeen able to book guest speakers for 2017, until July next year.
JANUARY:  The first speaker for 2017 will be Ambre Hammond a musical entertainer.

December 2016  Firstly I would like to thank our member Jerard Barry and his wife Enda for their informative and enlightening presentation about their experiences accomplishing Walk the Comino De Santiago in Spain.
Today we are replacing our Guest Speaker with an extended morning tea and music supplied by our new member Colin Bingham. We hope this longer morning tea will encourage our members to reach out and mix particularly with our new members.
Thank you to Colin for entertaining us with some lovely old songs.
JANUARY 2017:  Our speaker/entertainer will be Ambre Hammond known as the People’s Pianist.
Wishing you all a very happy Christmas, a healthy New Year.