31 Jan 2011 
Our next walk on Monday 31st January, 2011 will be the Federation Cliff walk, Dover Heights to Watson’s Bay. The walk is steep in parts and coffee shops are scarce, so bring your own morning tea. Catch the 8.09 am train from Heathcote, 8.12 am from Engadine, 8.16am from Loftus. We meet in the second last carriage. Return by ferry from Watson‟s Bay to Circular Quay.
28 Feb 2011
 Milsons Point to Waverton. It is an easy picturesque walk overlooking Sydney harbour, past Luna Park, Lavender Bay and onto Waverton Parl for lunch. Catch the 8.09am from Heathcote, 8.12am from Engadine and 8.16am from Loftus travelling in the second last carriage. Return by train from waverton Station. 
28 Mar 2011
 This month's walk on Monday 28th March is to Ball's Head and Berry Island  departing from Waverton Station to the headlands of Ball's Head and on to Berry Island. The walk is considered medium with some steps and hills. Travel by train; 8.49am from Heathcote, 8.52am Engadine and 8.56am Loftus (A little later than normal in order to hopefully avoid the crush at Town Hall Station) Change at Town Hall Station for Waverton Station (Platform 2)
2 May 2011
Our walks are usually held on the last Monday of each month, however as both Easter Monday and Anzac Day fall on that date, our next walk will be to Cockatoo Island on Monday 2 May. The walk will be in two stages. Stage 1 is an interesting and fairly easy walk of approximately one hour from Town Hall to Circular Quay via Cockle Bay and The Hungry Mile. Stage 2 is by ferry to Cockatoo Island, then a tour and lunch. Audio guides are available for $5 each and lunch, coffee etc can be purchased from a cafe on the Island or you may prefer to bring your own. Travel by train, 8.49am from Heathcote, 8.52am from engadine and 8.56am from Loftus (meet and travel in the second last carriage).
6 June 2011
Birchgrove and Balmain East. Train from Heathcote 8.49am, Engadine 8.52am and Loftus 8.56am upstairs in the second last carriage. Departing from Town Hall on 441 Bus to Birchgrove Park. Break for morning tea at Ballast Point (bring your own) and on to Morts Bay, Mort's Dock and the Thames Street ferry wharf at the end of Darling Street to catch a ferry or the 442 bus back to the Town Hall. It is an easy, interesting walk. 
27 June 2011
Oak flats to Warilla. Catch the train to Waterfall departing Loftus 8.21am, Engadine 8.26am, Heathcote 8.29am arriving at Waterfall at 8.34am. South Coast train departs at 8.39am arriving at Oaks Flat at 10.02am. We then walk approximately 1 km through the shopping centre to a park adjacent to the walkway around Lake Illawarra where we will stop for morning tea. It is then an easy flat walk of approximately 8 kms to a park at the eastern end of the walk where we will have lunch. Bus No.51 to Wollongong departs at 12.50pm and then return by train.
25 July 2011
Cabarita to Abbotsford. South Coast train departing Heathcote 8.25 am, Engadine 8.28 am and Loftus 8.32 am.
29 Aug 2011     
Cremorne Point to Milsons Point. South Coast train departing Heathcote 8.25 am, Engadine 8.28 am and Loftus 8.32 am.
26 Sept 2011
Malabar to La Perouse. Train departing Heathcote 8.09 am, Engadine 8.12 am and Loftus 8.16 am
7 November 2011
Bondi Beach to Tamarama - "Sculptures by the Sea". Train from Heathcote 8.49am, Engadine 8.52am, Loftus 8.56am and Sutherland 9.00am.
26 November 2011               
Walk - North Head
22 December 2011
Special evening walk to view the City Lights and Christmas decorations